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Class taught on 31 October 2015 by John Fisher-Poissant


How to Find and Get Notarial Documents from the Montreal Archives


All transactions and many family events required a document by a Notary. For genealogy research, we are interested in all Marriage Contracts, Wills, Donations to their children for support in their final years, and Inventories of all goods owned by the couple when one of them died. Also of interest are all the land concessions, purchases and sales, land exchanges and sales of inheritance rights (droits de succession). Some may also be interested in the engagement of voyagers, entering religious communities and many other documents.


Please read the LDS Research Guide at for Quebec, and then Notarial Records for a detailed explanation of sources of info on the Notaries and their records. It explains how to find the books and obtain the data.


TO OBTAIN THE DOCUMENTS: Write a letter as follows.

From the Index information, enter the Notary’s name in full, the district (MTL) the date of the record and a simple description.

The Archives will make copies of the documents and will charge you $3.25 CAN plus .25 cents a page; remember that most documents are 1, 2 or 3 pages long but some Inventories are 14 pages long. They will send you an invoice for the amount. You can mail them a check when you receive the info.



Centre d’archives de Montreal

535, av. Viger Est, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2L 2P3

Please send me a copy of the following Notarial Documents from the Montreal District;   17 April 2006

NOTARY                                           DATE               DESCRIPTION                    

Barette dit Courville, Mtl

4 Nov 1735

Vente de terre par Francois Poissant

Souste, A.                  Mtl

18 Jul 1746

Vente de terre at St Joseph a Claude Poissant

Souste, A.                  Mtl

27 Sep 1749

Mariage contract de Claude Poissant & Marie Lemieux

Lalanne, J., Mtl (1752-1767)

8 Apr 1779

Inventaire de Marie Lemieux & Claude Poissant

Merci beaucoup,

John R. Doe, 1505 North Ave, City, State, USA, 05401-2433,  E_mail:  Tel: 802-862-2490

Note: Due to licensing concerns, they no longer supply the Index Info for Notarial records. You must use the notary books in our library. However, the Jette book does supply Index info for marriage contracts. See page XVI for Notaries.


CONTACTS: You may be contacted via email by the following group:

Research Team,  Direction du Centre de Montréal, des archives privées, judiciaires et civiles

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec 

Téléphone: (514) 873-1101 poste 6273                               Their website:

Fax: (514) 873-2980


You can also send for this info by email to: or or




SGCF Transcripts of Notary Acts  --   (Société Généalogique Canadienne-Française) in Montreal

or and click on Services and then on  ‘recherche d’actes trancrits’    

Enter a surname on the 1st line.   Example = Poissant



PISTARD Database at the Quebec National Archives (Has Online judicial notary docs)

Enter a surname or a given name and surname   Example:  Bourassa   or Henri Bourassa

You can also write any word or expression such as Patriotes 1837 or Laprairie or chevalier etc