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VT-FCGS Video on WCAX TV for the Champlain Quadricentenniel

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Burlington Free Press 12 Jul 2015 Winooski Cheers French Culture
The CITIZEN paper 9 Jul 2015 - Winooski French Heritage Day
Northfield News 20 Mar 2014 - VT-FCGS has its 1000th Member
Williston Observer 5 Sep 2013 -- History Lives at the Vermont Genealogy Library
Seven Days Burlington 4 Sep 2013 -- A Genealogy Library in Colchester tells Vermonters Where They Came From
Le Devoir Montreal 9 Nov 2012 -- French is dead in Vermont
Le Devoir Montreal 9 Nov 2012 -- French epic which begins with the voyages of Samuel de Champlain
Burlington Free Press 23 Dec 2011 -- Christmas Eve Reveillon Traditions
Burlington Free Press 9 Aug 2011 -- Burlington City Council says "Oui" to French Effort
Montreal Le Devoir 23 Jul 2011 -- John Fisher in Vergennes with the Champlain map
Burlington Free Press 3 Apr 2011 -- L'amour de la Culture Francais
Burlington Free Press 2 Dec 2009 --- Exploring Vermont's French Canadian Ancestry

Burlington Free Press 20 Jun 2009 --- Festival Celebrates French Roots
Champlain Valley News Group June 2009 --- French Canadian roots run deep in Vermont
Essex Reporter Aug 2008 --- Vermonters Discover their Roots
Vermont Catholic Tribune 3 Nov 2006 --- First Vermont Catholic Church Baptisms Published
Burlington Free Press 16 Jan 2006 --- Mormon Couple Copy Vermont Records
Vermont Catholic Tribune 9 Sep 2005 --- Genealogy society helps families trace, preserve roots
Burlington Free Press 4 April 2005 --- Genealogy Offers Fun Project For Retirees
Vermont Catholic Tribune 28 Jan 2005 --- St Joseph Parish baptism book now available
Vermont Catholic Tribune 17 Feb 2004 --- VT-FCGS Approved to Preserve Diocesan Records Msgr McSweeney
Vermont Catholic Tribune 26 Apr 2002 --- Tracing Family Roots & Parish Records
Colchester Sun 21 Nov 2002 --- Digging Up Roots Made Easy
Seven Days Newspaper 15 Oct 1997 --- Beans, Benways and Bombardiers
Burlington Free Press 20 April 1997 --- Genealogist Helps Flesh Out Family Trees
Burlington Free Press 6 Oct 1996 -- 'Quiet Presence' page1
Burlington Free Press 6 Oct 1996 -- 'Quiet Presence' page2

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French Canadians in Detroit, Michigan

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