Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society

Membership Code of Ethics

In consideration of being accepted as a member of the Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society, and in the interest of supporting better professional genealogical standards, I hereby offer the following personal information and pledge:

  1. That while a member of said Society, I will not copy, publish or repeat the contents of any information that may come to my attention regarding illegitimate birth records within the past 100 years, as revealed from the records of any town, city, county, or state agency,
  2. That I will carefully refrain from mutilating, marking, or otherwise defacing or destroying any part of public vital records,
  3. That my research of vital records will be made only for genealogical or historical purposes,
  4. That I will hold myself subject to the rules and regulations of the Society, and
  5. That I will handle books and other materials with exceptional care to preserve them as long as possible.
Nothing in this code of ethics shall be construed to interfere with the medical or legal duties of a member of the medical or legal professions.

Last revised - 01/18/2002

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