Burlington, Vermont City Clerks Office

Burlington, Vermont City Clerks Office - Accessing the Birth, Marriage and Death Records
John R. Fisher VT-FCGS Member#2 26 Nov. 2000

Anyone can research the vital records and do genealogical research during their normal working hours. There is no charge for genealogical research, but there is a $2.00 per hour charge for persons doing research for legal or business means. Copies are inexpensive and the city employees are very helpful.

As you walk into the vault, the shelves under the main table contain all the Indexes for Births, Marriages and Deaths; plus all the actual earliest vital records.

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1st Marriage Index - 1800 to 1883 - Listed by Groom in alphabetic order Contains Groom and Brides names, date of marriage and Volume & Page no.

VOL#1 - 1789 to 1833 Births, Marriages and Deaths (a Xerox copy exists at Fletcher Library)

VOL#2 - 1830 to 1863 Births, Marriages and Deaths (a Xerox copy exists at Fletcher Library)

VOL#3 - 1832 to 1868 Marriages

VOL#4 - 1857 to 1869 Births, Marriages and Deaths (Start of mandatory records in VT)

VOL#5 - 1869 to 1877 Births, Marriages and Deaths - Contains same type of data as above

VOL#6 - 1878 to 1883 Marriages

VOL#7 - 1877 to 1896 Births

Note: As you can see, the quantity of records has forced changes in the way the Volumes were produced; now splitting into a volume for each type of vital record. Beginning in 1905, Births, Marriages and Deaths are bound into individual volumes for each year. Indexes for all of these volumes that extend from the floor to the ceiling, about 10 feet high, are with the early records under the main table. In these records is also recorded the street address and where the parents were born.

The first Burlington marriage was recorded 26 May 1789 Samuel Hitchcock wed to Lucy Caroline Allen. It is not listed in the 1800 - 1883 index. The following also were not indexed:

The first possible French-Canadian marriage that I saw was on 14 November 1814 when Anthony Gebeau married Sophia Mageau, both Burlington residents.

The earliest Catholic Church records begin in 1830 for St Mary's and in 1834 for St Joseph's Church.

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