Burlington Vermont Marriage Index 1800 to 1883

City Clerk's Office, Burlington VT

There are 1893 Marriages in 9 sections below, sorted on the GROOM (approx. 75K each)

Abaz to Brigham
Brigham to Curtis
Cury to Fraser
Fraser to Irish
Irish to Martin
Martin to Peaslee
Peck to Short
Shortsleeves to Waters
Watson to Zothman

Below are the total Marriage Index's sorted 3 different ways.
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Sorted by GROOM
Sorted by Bride
Sorted by Volume and Page

NOTE: Data Entry was not done for Volumes 4 and 5 and therefore data is missing for the years 1869 to 1878. You will notice what looks like duplicate events in these files. Whenever a bride also had a name in parenthesis, such as John Aikie and Julia (Bernor) Lively; then there are two records; one for Julia Bernor and one for Julia Lively. No distinction is made in the database of which name is used. Some other duplicate events are due to the marriage being recorded in different Volumes and Pages; and lastly, some duplicates seem to be errors.

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